4 Essential Steps to Building the Best Skin Care Routine for Your 30s

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Your 30s is such a thrilling time of life! You’re likely to be deepening relationships, investing in passions, and setting greater professional goals, all at once. Sprung from the self-discovery mode of your 20s, as a 30-something adult you have a stronger sense of who you are, what you want and what you need. And that includes a grown-up skin care routine. Choosing formulas that contain key anti-aging ingredients should be a top priority to maintain your skin health in this decade.

The Best Skin Care Routine to Use in Your 30s

Setting up good skin care habits today will not only help you look your best now but, as a preventative anti-aging measure, it can yield results in the long-term. As part of daily self-care, being diligent counts for a lot, but the good news is that a skin care routine doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Once you understand which anti-aging ingredients work best to target the signs of premature aging, you can build the best skin care routine for your 30s in just four steps!

Why Does Your 30s Skin Care Routine Matter?

Subtle shifts in your skin become more noticeable in your 30s. In most cases, there’s no singular culprit to blame, it’s more a mix of internal and external factors at play. Internally, the natural production of collagen and elastin (the components that contribute to a plump, firm complexion) has already started slowing down. This leads to the appearance of fine lines and an increase of dry skin. The 30s is also when the first signs of dullness, dark spots or discolouration tend to show up. The source? Previous sun exposure accumulated through your childhood, teens and 20s will make itself more known now. If you’ve already noticed these types of changes to your skin don’t despair! It’s not too late to start a skin care routine in your 30s that can have a positive impact.

Let’s break down four essential steps to building the best skin care routine for your 30s, including the anti-aging ingredients that will keep your skin plump, hydrated and bright for years to come.

Step 1: A Gentle Cleanser

Daily skin cleansing is a crucial reset that is a make-or-break step in any skincare routine, regardless of age. Use a gentle cleanser that’s right for your skin type twice a day. If you have dry skin, look for one with hydrating ingredients, such as glycerin. Those with oily or acne-prone skin can look for oil-free formulas with salicylic acid, an effective pore-clearing ingredient. Cleansing at night is a necessity and will prepare skin to better receive the antioxidant ingredients in your evening skin care routine. Even if you’re not wearing makeup, it’s important to remove traces of sunscreen, plus the build-up of sweat, pollutants and natural oils that invisibly cling to your face at the end of each day. It’s also key to cleanse your face in the morning, removing the build-up of natural oils that are secreted while you sleep.

Step 2: A Brightening Serum

Does your skin in your 30s suddenly seem a bit dull? Or perhaps you’ve noticed a few dark spots have popped up? A change to your skin care routine now can make a big difference to reveal radiance and diminish discolouration. Use a high-quality Vitamin C serum after cleansing to give your complexion a brightening boost. All of Vivier’s formulas, such as C E Peptides and Radiance Serum, contain L-ascorbic acid which is the gold standard form of Vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant, it neutralizes free radicals from UV exposure that cause premature aging and inhibits melanin production that contributes to hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C also targets collagen production, which helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, too.

Step 3: A Reparative Moisturizer

Healthy-looking skin requires a multi-angle approach. While the brightening serum used in step two works to prevent premature aging in the deeper layers of the epidermis, a reparative moisturizer is needed to protect your outermost skin barrier. Both are important for the best skin care routine for your 30s! Using a lightweight cream day and night that hydrates while delivering strengthening ingredients, such as prebiotics and peptides, will enhance a youthful appearance.

Step 4: A Mineral SPF (in the AM)

The signs of premature aging (i.e. the development of fine lines, dark spots and dry skin) are caused by free radical damage which thrives under UV exposure. To protect your face in your 30s it is essential to use a mineral SPF every morning and year-round. Look for sun protection that contains titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide, the two ingredients that work by physically blocking the absorption of UV rays on skin’s surface. These formulas are safe for all skin types but are particularly well-suited for anyone with a reactive or inflammatory skin condition. If you’re building the best skin care routine for sensitive skin, a mineral sunscreen is a must-have.

Bonus Round: How to Scale Up The Best Skin Care Routine in Your 30s

If you’re looking to get more out of your daily skin maintenance, or even target specific concerns such as fine lines around the eyes or acne breakouts, consider adding the following steps.

A Multi-Purpose Eye Cream

The eye area is one of the more prominent places for premature aging to appear in your 30s. Structurally, the skin under the eyes is much thinner that the rest of the face, which makes it prone to dryness, sagging, fine lines and dark undereye circles. Treating these concerns requires more than a traditional face moisturizer. Add a multi-purpose eye cream enriched with soothing hydrators and vitamins to your daily skin care routine. A little goes a long way – dab a pea size amount along the eye contour to hydrate, firm and brighten this delicate part of your face.

A Retinol Cream (At Night)

If you’ve been wondering if it’s ok to use a retinol in your 30s, the answer is yes! The potent antioxidant ingredient is a derivative of Vitamin A, and a multi-tasking anti-aging workhorse. For starters, retinol can help encourage cellular turnover to reveal softer, smoother skin. It also boosts collagen production, which leads to a firmer, more hydrated complexion. Retinol is a go-to among derms for acne treatment too! It excels at regulating sebum production, and reducing clogged pores makes it a top pick for people in their 30s with acne-prone skin. Last, the antioxidant can also impact melanin production and reduce dark spots. Offering significant benefits for all skin types, even sensitive skin, a retinol is best used as part of an evening skin care routine.

A Weekly Exfoliating Treatment

Incorporating exfoliation into your weekly skin care routine can be a game-changer for skin in your 30s. With slowed cellular functions, dead skin cells can begin building up on the upper layer of skin which leaves your complexion dry and dull. That lingering veil can also prevent active ingredients in your morning serum or night cream from penetrating the epidermis as best they can. Equally noteworthy, exfoliating can help to minimize congested pores if you’re prone to breakouts and blemishes. For a gentle, yet effective, exfoliation treatment, try Vivier's Illuminating Enzymatic Peel at night two to three times a week.

Use this blueprint to manage the early signs of aging and build the best skin care routine for your 30s. With the proper anti-aging ingredients at your fingertips, and consistency, you’ll sail through this decade with healthy skin habits that will pay off for a lifetime!

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